Frquently Asked Questions:

Q 1: How much will the clean cost?

This is the big question. Unfortunately there are too many factors to consider to list prices on this site. Two rooms may be the same size but one house may be local, and the room, clear with little furniture to move and lightly soiled carpet. The other may require longer travel, may have more furniture to move and may require a deeper clean. The latter would be priced a little higher. For these reason you will need to contact us and describe your needs before we can give you an accurate quote. Remember, a quote is FREE! and comes without obligation. We can normally quote over the phone. Click here for you free quote.

Q 2: How long does is take for the carpet to dry?

Full Dry tome is 2-24 hours. However, usually, most carpets are dry enough to walk on with in door shoes as soon as we have finished cleaning. Its not a good idea to walk on a damp carpet with shoes that have just been outside as the cleaning solution may well clean the dirt off your shoes onto the clean carpet. The longer the pile the longer a carpet will take to dry also carpets dry quicker on a sunny day than a damp one.


Q 3: Can you do A deeper clean?

Yes we can. First we will spray the carpet to dissolve stains, and loosen ground in dirt. Then we steam clean your carpet as many times as it takes until the water comes back clean. That means that all the dirt has been removed, and your carpet is as clean as possible, and then we know that we have done the best cleaning job possible. Only then are we happy.