over 20 Years Of Experience

With 20 years experience, Allied Fabricare know everything there is to know about carpet and upholstery cleaning. Rest assured, that with us, your home is in good hands.


professional Equipment

You can't expect a professional clean without professional equipment. We use high quality, commercial grade cleaning equipment to achieve professional results.


Quality Cleaning Service

We know that cleaning carpets can be a big job. Furniture needs to be moved and the carpet needs to dry out. We aim to please not only with the quality of our clean, but also our entire service package.



100% customer satisfaction guarantee
Advanced Cleaning Methods

Although you may vacuum your carpets everyday even, household vacuum cleaners are only effective at collecting surface dirt and dust. It is important that from time to time a more thorough deep clean is done leaving your carpet hygienically clean, and noticeably brighter and fresher.


Friendly and reliable service

A quality clean is important, but when someone is in your house, the general service is important too. We have friendly staff who are always helpful. Moving furniture can be stressful but we will try to get it back in just the "right place" again. And when we book a time slot for your clean, it's important to us that we get there on time.

We make sure that Allied Fabricare provides both the best quality clean, and the best quality service too.